Outdoor Lights for Bell Tents

Special Events

A special occasion deserves something that tells people we want this to be a day to be remembered

Whether it’s a special birthday for your child, your engagement party or a significant birthday or wedding anniversary, a Bell Tent can be used to provide a magical and exciting place for the events to happen.

Our Bell tents are large and spacious, giving a feeling of space and comfort and allowing them to be used for a wide variety of events.

Imagine 15 of your children’s friends all sat inside one of our tents with birthday decorations and fairy light watching the clown or magician you arranged, this would give the children an opportunity to let their imagines run wild leaving them sitting in the front row of the real big top.

Bell tent special events offer lasting memories

Alternatively with a little imagination and the right dressing our Bells can give a feeling of real luxury and offer a venue to leave you with lasting memories. By incorporating our 5 or 6 metre Bell with other services such as a vintage tea company, this can offer the perfect illusion to feel like you have escaped far away to enjoy an afternoon of tea and cakes with close friends or family. Share your unique experience with your guests leaving them feeling special.

Our Bells are perfect to offer that indoor / outdoor venue for that special occasion such as your engagement party or a special birthday; this will allow your guests to carry on the party well into the evening in a warm and cosy venue, but not all retreat to the house due to the cool evening air. This is the perfect addition when your house is just not quite big enough or for an occasion with a difference.

Talk to us about your special event, we sure to add a coating of inspiration and deliver a certain element of uniqueness to your special event.

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