Children's Parties in Bell Tents

About Bell Bliss

We are a small Derbyshire based business and aim to offer a bespoke package to all of our customers with excellent quality of products available to hire. We have seen a significant shift over the past years in relation to how people approach camping and family or group gatherings as well as special events.

People have an expectation to receive quality and value for there money and why shouldn’t they. At Bell Bliss we aim to offer both high quality and value for money as part of our personal service, we don’t just want to provide tents for events; we aim to offer a venue that leave a positive lasting experience.

Our focus has been to build a business that focuses on those one off special events whether it be a wedding, corporate event, family gathering or a significant life event such as a birthday or engagement party. Our beautiful bell tents can make the perfect venue to bring a real feeling of both glamor and excitement, making a special occasion the conversation for weeks to come.

Our products that we offer are all of high quality and this is all for the purpose of offering a happier more memorable experience for you the customer. Although we list a number of packages, we are always happy to consider every enquiry on an individual basis and if we can accommodate the request at a suitable price and package for you then we are happy to do this.

So if you are interested to know more then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.