Bell Tents in a Field

Corporate Events

Bell Tents for corporate events

It’s that time of year again and the big corporate party or annual ‘works do’ is on the cards, it has become very fashionable for this to take place in a marque or tipi (bell tent) or another type of outdoor indoor venue. The great thing about outdoor indoor venues is that the events offer a unique opportunity to experience a variety of stunning locations, something quite special in comparison to a traditional party venue such as a hotel, restaurant or conference suite.

This then leaves the party guests with that same old problem of whether to drive, find a nearby hotel or crash at your colleagues house that isn’t too far away. All of the above leave a slight downer on the excitement of the overall event.

Let Bell Bliss bring the accommodation to you

We can offer a Bell Hotel. Why not book a number of our stunning and luxurious bell tents to accommodate you and a party of your colleagues at the same location as the party itself. That way you have not only removed the how to get home or where to stay problem, this also leaves the party with no limits to its end.

If you are up for an all-night party then you will have the option to continuing to party way past the end of the function and returning to the Bell Tents with friends and colleagues to continue the celebrations into the early hours. Alternatively if you wish to quietly slip away and get some rest so you are fresh for the following day, it would only be but a short walk to find your bed and have a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Bell Bliss tent villages, bespoke packages for your needs

Don’t worry about where the toilet facilities are either, as your outdoor indoor venue will be fully equipped allowing you to enjoy a great night of luxury under canvas with the added peace of mind of having clean and functional facilities close by.